Making Bug Hotels 21.3.24

On Thursday 21st March members at the woodwork table were busy making bug hotels. We are very lucky that this year Woodpeckers Care Home in Brockenhurst are raising funds for us. We have made small bug hotels for them to sell. Thank you, we are very grateful to you for raising money for us and very much look forward to working together over the coming year.

We had great fun making sure everything was well made.
We needed to concentrate to make sure the bug hotels were made properly for the bugs to shelter in.
A huge thank you to Rod and Howard who run the woodwork table and make sure that everyone learns new skills and produce lovely, useful items.

Spring Planters 14.3.24

It’s always good to try new activities and this week members enjoyed planting their own planters. Everyone chose from spring flowers and herbs and created their own unique design. A huge thank you goes to volunteer and committee member Rod Rook for making all the planters. These have been beautifully decorated by members using paint and stencils.

The first part of the project, decorating the planters.
I chose lots of blue for my planter.
Lovely butterflies.
This will look lovely at home.
I’m very pleased with my choices.
Lovely stencilling.

Club Activities Evening 7.3.24

We had a great club night this week and Sarah organised flower arranging too. There were so many different different activities happening with all members enjoying their choice.

Some members love to spend part of the evening colouring, painting or drawing.
It was lovely to see the knitting box out and for members to be able to choose different colours and show off their knitting skills.
Everyone, loved Lorraine’s dog Missy coming to club. Missy loved meeting everyone, but wasn’t very keen on looking at the camera!
The pool table is always very popular with different members playing all night.
One of the best bits about club is friends meeting up. It was lovely that one member brought along this handmade gift to give to her friend.
The bright daffodils were lovely to use for flower arranging.
I’m very pleased with my finished flower arrangement.
Wow, beautiful colour scheme and choice of flowers.

Valentine’s Disco 8.2.24

Everyone always looks forward to our Valentine’s evening. It is lovely to listen to music, dance, enjoy great food and of course there is always great company too. A massive thank you to Club Leader Sarah who organises this amazing event. Lots of work goes into the preparation to ensure the hall and food are all ready and beautifully decorated in a Valentine’s theme. As always, thank you also to resident DJs Matthew and Jacob for providing the music and lights.

Tables decorated with beautiful roses to admire and then take home as a memory of the evening.
Favours ready for everyone to take home at the end of the night.
It’s good to dance.
Everyone enjoyed the beautifully presented and very tasty buffet. It was difficult to choose from the lovely selection of fresh fruit, salad, quiches, sandwiches and many other choices.
Later in the evening we had delicious home made cakes made and decorated by Sarah.
It’s always good to enjoy food in the company of friends.
Assistant Leader Debbie took a break from ensuring all the registers are in order for some of the lovely food!
The food was followed by a raffle to help raise funds for our club. We were lucky to have lots of lovely prizes to choose from.
The night continued with more dancing to the music and lights, with DJs Matthew and Jacob in the background making sure everything is running smoothly.
It’s been a lovely evening spending time with friends.

Auction Night 1.2.24

On Thursday 1st February we held one of our very popular auction evenings. Twenty nine members attended and everyone was on the lookout for a favourite item at a good price. The bidding was very competitive all night, but fortunately no real money changed hands. This was especially good as some items went for around £80! A huge thank you to Assistant Leader Ryan for conducting proceedings in the role of auctioneer. He was very ably assisted by Richard and Caitlan who displayed and delivered all the items, thank you.

Who wants to bid for this item?
I was really pleased to successfully bid for some Simpsons memorabilia.
I will really enjoy this book.
Hopefully I can out bid my rivals.
I’d had my eye on this all evening and was really pleased to win it to give to a friend who is two and a half.
So happy I secured this to add to my music collection.

Spring Bulb Planting 18.1.24

Everyone is very pleased to be back at club and meet up with old and new friends. It has been a busy start to 2024 with the opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal of The Brockenhurst Village Pantomime and skittles at The Huntsman. This week was our first week in the village hall and everyone was delighted to be planting spring bulbs.

We chose a glass jar and bulbs and then added slate and our chosen bulbs.
Choosing my bulbs.
This will look great when it flowers.
Can’t wait for this to flower.
All my own work.
Very pleased with my colour scheme, I chose the ribbon to match the bulb when it flowers.
I’m very happy with my finished work.

Christmas Disco 14.12.23

It was lovely to get dressed up and enjoy the Christmas Disco. It’s always good to listen to great music, dance, eat some lovely food and socialise with friends. As always, the music and lights were provided by our amazing resident DJs Matthew and Jacob. They certainly know how to choose some great tunes to dance to.

I think I might have won another hat in the Christmas Cracker!
Lots of members wore amazing Christmas outfits.
It’s great to spend time with friends.
Fabulous food served by fabulous volunteers.
Amazing hat!
Father Christmas even dropped by to enjoy the fun evening. It was great he brought some presents too!
It’s always good to celebrate the Festive Season with friends.
Good food, fab decorations.
The tables were all beautifully decorated for Christmas. It was lovely to see all the natural materials that were used.
Dancing the night away.

Christmas Crafts December 2023

It’s that time of year when Sarah brings in lots of lovely Christmas craft activities. These have included present making, decorating home made Christmas cakes and Wreath Making.

I enjoyed taking great care to ensure my pattern and writing were very carefully presented.
Can’t wait to eat this!
Very pleased with these lovely cakes to take home.
Everyone enjoyed choosing different craft items to make their own unique wreath to take home.
It’s always great to get dressed up for a Christmas event.
I’m so pleased with my finished wreath.
I’m really pleased with how I designed my wreath.

Pool Table. October 2023

We are very excited to have a new pool table and we would like to say a huge thank you to NATS for donating this to club through their Footprint Fund.

Everyone thought games were so much better on the new table.
The table came as a flat pack and Assistant Club Leader, Ryan and club members had a great time putting it together, real team work. They were also very grateful for the help from Sean.
Which shot shall I take?
Who’s going to win this game?
Which ball shall I go for?
Lots of concentration needed to get this one in the pocket.

Halloween Club Night 19.10.23

We had a fun Halloween themed club night with some members and our leader Sarah dressing up for the occasion.

We had such a good time on Halloween night, Assistant Club Leader Debbie and volunteer Lisa joining in the fun.
Decorating spooky cakes.
These cakes look too good to eat!
Fantastic costume and fantastic craft work decorating a candle holder out of a recycled jar.
It was great to have so many different craft materials and also different equipment to choose from.
Adding lots of ghosts and spiders to my jar!
I’m making sure Sarah doesn’t pinch my cake!